We are planning to set up a business in the UK to provide high-quality education consultancy services to Turkish students in need of knowledge and information on UK education programmes.

We will help students realise their dreams by providing them comprehensive advisory and support services in accomplishing their career aspirations and by helping them in goal setting and devising appropriate strategies for achieving them. He endeavours to enable them admission in prestigious UK universities and institutions by selecting courses and universities in congruence with their career goals and aspirations and their skills set & level of academic skills and proficiency. We will offer a wide range of services, including counselling his clients to their best options that suit their individual needs and career aspirations, by that facilitating their admission procedures. We will provide tips and advice at each stage: from choosing a course and writing their personal statement to impressing in interviews and preparing for the big move. He is dedicated to finding the right course for the students who want to acquire or improve their English or interested in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or any other study options in the UK and helping them through the application process. He will offer the following services to his clients:

University Selection

University Selection

We will assist students in selecting and making effective admission applications to UK universities.

He will help students who are looking to join an undergraduate programme in one of the UK’s universities by assisting and advising them on selecting a suitable university that offers the program they are looking to study. We will advise students who have completed their undergraduate studies and would like to progress into a master’s programme on choosing from thousands of master programs offered by top UK universities covering nearly all major specialisations. We will also assist PhD students who are looking to study in the UK and will advise them on the entry requirements and how to find suitable supervisor in their research field.

Course Selection

Course Selection

we will help the students to identify and select the right course within the desired UK university and educational institution. For a placement in an educational institution, he will check to ensure they have the correct documents in place as well. We will provide assistance in short professional courses, A level courses, foundation courses, pre-masters courses, part time or full time courses, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and executive education including statutory examinations as well.

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English Courses / Programmes

From short and long courses at English Language Schools in the UK to English Pre-sessional courses at UK universities, We will offer his clients various English Language courses and programmes that suit their individual needs.

In this respect, he will offer: Summer Programmes: Dedicated programmes for those who have little time but want to study, enjoy and integrate into British society to improve their language. Short language programmes: These English language programmes may range from one to four weeks. General English: These English language programmes correspond to the current level of the students level in English and are configured to develop their overall English language skills. University Preparation Programmes: This is an English language programme that helps students pass the IELTS exam. Pre-Sessional Programmes: Pre-Sessional courses are taught at universities. Custom Programmes: These programmes suit the student’s specific needs and current field.

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Admissions Advice and Process Management

Course admission and registration could be a difficult and time consuming process for international students. We can help his clients save time and their energy by providing advice all the way through until they are ready to join the course.

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Visa Applications

We will advise to ensure the correct documentation for making effective visa applications and the success in obtaining Tier 4 student and student visitor visas. He will also assist in obtaining visas to allow parents access to the UK while their children are here, and for more permanent residence.

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We will provide students lodging information for their short term or long term stays, local area information, and information on living in the UK- services such as the NHS. He endeavours to make their transition from the home country to the UK as seamless as possible by providing information on where to find homestays, accommodation on campus, international student housing, short term housing and hostels, realtor agencies for longer term leases and hotels, if they prefer.

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Travel Advice, Flight Booking And Airport Pickup

We cares about the student’s transition from their home country to the UK; his advice is comprehensiv.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of JEC London LTD is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the educational and self-fulfilment needs of students in Turkey who are willing to study in the UK, and to continue enabling access to UK education, helping students to improve their employability and earning potential. The vision of us is to become a premium brand in the global education consultancy market and lead students towards top level institutions.